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W&O Construction gets bid to restore Park Theatre
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W&O Construction will be the company to restore the Park Theatre if a motion passed Monday is eventually OK’d by the full McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen.
Members of the city’s Finance Committee and Building and Grounds Committee unanimously voted to award the contract to W&O on Monday night.
The base bid is for $1.68 million with an additional $328,673 to be spent on alternate work such as a rear addition for dressing rooms and bathrooms.
The work approved Monday night totals $2.01 million. In addition, an estimated $80,000 more will be spent on repairing the roof. Roofers have until Oct. 9 to submit a bid for that project.
Alderman Mike Neal asked whether the city was spending too much money. Voters approved a referendum in November that gave the city the green light to borrow up to $2 million on Park Theatre restoration.
Neal asked city attorney Tim Pirtle to clarify the situation.
“The referendum said the city could borrow a sum not to exceed $2 million for all, or parts, of Park Theatre renovation,” said Pirtle.
While Pirtle said the referendum placed a limit on the city’s borrowing, it placed no limit on the total cost of the project.
The $328,673 in alternate work approved Monday included $215,000 for a dressing room and bathroom addition to the rear. It also includes $69,173 to build an orchestra pit in front of the stage.
“The pit would allow an orchestra to play and be hidden from view,” said Vice Mayor Ben Newman. “It also has a cover so when it’s not in use people aren’t falling into a hole.”
Roof work was separated from the bids approved Monday because it’s believed the roof will cost much less to repair than originally expected. It was believed asbestos removal would need to be included in the cost, but after a second opinion the roof will just be covered.
“The roof is structurally sound to do what we want to do,” said Mayor Jimmy Haley. “If we just cover it, we don’t have to worry about asbestos.”
Added Pirtle of the roof work, “You might want to note this was recommended by the architect and supported by the opinion of a structural engineer.”
The next step is to get the bid from W&O Construction approved by the full city board. The measure is scheduled to go before the board for first read Sept. 24. Second and final read could come as early as Oct. 1 if a special meeting is called.
If the renovation work passes second read, it must then be approved by the State Comptroller’s office. This process usually takes around 45 days, according to Haley.
Once the city has final approval and gives W&O Construction a notice to proceed, the company will have 365 days to complete the project. That could put the completion date roughly around mid-November 2014.