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Wife says she was held at gunpoint on Christmas Day
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A man faces felony assault and kidnapping charges after he allegedly held his wife at gunpoint in their home on Christmas.
The suspect, Phillip Thweatt, 50, is charged with aggravated assault, kidnapping and prevention of an emergency call. He will face arraignment this Tuesday before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke.
The charges come after he allegedly pulled a gun on his wife during an argument at their Red Road home and would not let her leave.
“She was sitting on the couch and he retrieved a pistol from underneath the cushion on the right side of the couch,” said investigating officer Rachel Nichols, noting he next used a Clint Eastwood phrase while aiming the gun at her. “He then squatted down and pointed the pistol at her and asked how lucky she felt.”
Thweatt then allegedly walked over and sat on her legs and pointed the pistol in her face.
“He told her that he was ending it tonight and he was going to shoot her,” Nichols recalled of the victim’s statement. “He then told her to go into the hall and get on her hands and knees because he was going to shoot her in the back of the head.”
The victim said Thweatt threatened her life seven or eight times.
Mrs. Thweatt said she tried to leave several times but she was stopped on each attempt. However, at some point he turned his back and she ran from the house. She was able to contact authorities from a neighbor’s home.