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Wheel tax vote put in park
Wheel tax vote in neutral
Warren County commissioners voted Monday night to delay a measure to raise the wheel tax by $30

A vote to increase the wheel tax in Warren County by $30 has hit a speed bump.

County commissioners decided Monday night to delay a vote on the wheel tax until exact budget numbers are known.

The idea of raising the wheel tax became public about two weeks ago when it was mentioned during a committee meeting. The proposed $30 increase would generate an estimated $1.1 million annually for the county.

The county already has a $30 wheel tax. When coupled with state fees, the cost to renew vehicle tags locally is $59. A $30 increase would raise that total to $89 a year for each residential vehicle.

Commission Scott Rubley made the motion to remove the wheel tax from consideration Monday night. The motion to remove the wheel tax passed, 13-9.

In making his motion, Rubley said he would like to see more concrete numbers about what kind of shortfall the county may be facing.

County Executive Jimmy Haley and Finance Department director Justin Cotten have both said the county needs more revenue. A $3 million shortfall has been projected.

If that's the case, the county would need to raise property taxes in addition to raising the wheel tax. However, some commissioners have indicated they don't think the county is in such desperate financial shape.