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Weir charged with kidnapping naked girlfriend at gunpoint
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A former Warren County High School basketball player has been arrested after allegedly bursting into a home in Smithville and kidnapping his naked girlfriend at gunpoint.
According to DeKalb County Sheriff Patrick Ray, 21-year-old Donta Weir of McMinnville is charged with aggravated burglary, aggravated kidnapping, two counts of aggravated assault, and theft of property over $500.
Ray says deputies were dispatched to Patterson Road in Smithville on Sunday where Weir reportedly came to the home, beat on the door, and then kicked it in.
The male homeowner was reportedly standing behind the door with a gun when Weir kicked his way into the home. The gun was reportedly knocked from the homeowner’s hand when he was struck by the door.
After a struggle for the gun, Weir allegedly grabbed the weapon and demanded to know where his girlfriend was. The homeowner fled the home.
Weir then allegedly located his girlfriend inside the home, took her in the nude at gunpoint, forced her into his vehicle, and left the scene.
Weir was taken into custody in Warren County. The gun was also recovered.
Weir is charged with aggravated burglary for kicking in the door and forcing his way in. He was additionally charged with aggravated assault of the homeowner, as he allegedly struck the man while fighting for a .22 caliber handgun.
The victim alleges Weir pointed the gun at him after he took possession of it.
He was also charged with theft, for taking the homeowner’s gun, and aggravated kidnapping for forcing the female to leave with him at gun point without allowing her to put on any clothes or get any belongings.
Weir allegedly fired the weapon out the window of the vehicle while driving.
Weir is also charged with aggravated assault of the female victim, as he allegedly struck her several times, leaving an eye swollen and bruised.