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Weather puts damper on tractor pull
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Viola Valley Homecoming’s 25th year got off to a wet start Friday night with the cancellation of its annual tractor pull. An attempt to reschedule could draw some traction.
“We had a lot of disappointed people show up,” said Viola Valley Homecoming president Trent Prater. “The tractor pull is very popular and a lot of people look forward to it. I apologize for the cancellation. It could not be helped. We cannot control the weather.”
When rain moved into the area, event staff covered the track to prevent water from ending the pull before it began. However, what event organizers could not cover was the entire area used for concessions, vendors, parking, etc.
“We covered the track and it was fine,” said Prater. “While the track was fine, the area around the track was not. When that last rain set in, it became a big, soggy mess with standing water everywhere. We had five inches of rain in two days and that was just too much for the ground to absorb.”
The event is a Middle Tennessee Pullers-sanctioned event, which is a big draw for competitors across the state. Classes include Hot Farm, Super Farm, Trucks and Hot Rods.
Consideration was given to rescheduling the event from Friday night to Saturday night, which came to a sudden stop as soon as it originated.
“We did kick around the idea of holding it Saturday night, but there was another tractor pull somewhere else and a lot of truck entries would not be unable to attend,” said Prater. “We thought it would be best to just cancel it completely. If we are able to reschedule, it will be late September or early October.”
The commission is not out any money due to the cancellation of the tractor pull itself, but there will be an estimated $500 loss when it comes to the purchase of items to be used for concessions, etc.
“We don’t have to pay the promoter for the tractor pull, so we aren’t out anything there,” said Prater. “Thanks to donations, the commission will only be out about $500. That’s great, too. When things like this happen and there’s nothing you can do about it, you just have to ride it out and do the best you can.”
The rains caused a change in location for the On the Road Again Show, which was held on the parking lot between the store and gazebo, and placement of vendors.