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WCPI presents Christmas week broadcasts
Participating in a live nativity in downtown McMinnville over the weekend are, from left, shepherd Kenny Scott, and wise men Dewayne Summers, Chris Godwin, and Todd Evans.
Through millennia of warfare, the armed struggles of nations have produced some of the most remarkable stories of the human experience.Few, however, compare with the Christmas Eve Truce of 1914, just months after the great powers of Europe battled to a stalemate on the Western front and settled down to trench warfare with opposing forces facing each other from the width of a football field.Public radio 91.3 WCPI continues its Christmas week lineup of special broadcasts today as members of the McMinnville Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints offer a dramatization of that real-life episode. In the chilled air of that first Christmas Eve of World War I, soldiers began singing carols they learned as children, recalling happier times back home.Slowly, cautiously the soldiers began crawling out of their muddy trenches and into the No Man’s Land that had witnessed industrial-scale killing just hours earlier to experience camaraderie with their foes.British, French and Scots crossed into the frozen darkness to meet their German adversaries. Enemies that had been shooting and shelling each other laid down their weapons.