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WCMS walkways nearly complete
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Warren County Middle School students could return from spring break in March and discover a concrete walkway missing.

Midwest Maintenance, handling renovation of two walkways and removal of one, is considering a March 19-23 window for demolition of the walkway closest to the football field.

“I talked with the contractor earlier this week and they are considering trying to do that work over spring break,” said Upland Design Group architect Allen Hill. “They think they will be able to do it over spring break, but they won’t start if they can’t finish. They would like to do it over spring break so they are investigating the feasibility of that. They will try to do it, if they think they can pull it off.”

The project is nearing completion, as far as renovation of the two walkways.
“They’re about 80-90 percent done with that work,” said Hill.

Director of Schools Bobby Cox added, “It looks good.”

Demolishing one of the three walkways is being done as a cost-saving measure.