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WCMS students watch as bomb detonated
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It was an explosive day at Warren County Middle School on Friday as bomb disposal experts gave students an up-close look at powerful C-4 before waking up the neighborhood with some thundering blasts.“If this was detonated in the truck behind me, the truck would go away,” said Trooper Buck with the Tennessee Bomb and Arson Unit, pointing out the amount of C-4 being touched by students would easily destroy a large vehicle.Agents noted there was no need for alarm as C-4, a very stable plastic explosive, can only be detonated using a blasting cap and can be handled with complete safety. The same block of C-4 later rattled windows around the neighborhood when it was detonated.Teacher Jeff Watson said his science class was studying energy transfer and school resource officer Brad Hennessee tapped sources in the highway patrol to bring down the team.The team of bomb disposal experts discussed how explosions work and how they use detonations to safely neutralize explosive devices they come across in their line of work. They also explained it is best not to be curious when it comes to a suspicious looking device.“If there are wires sticking out of it then walk away and don’t get too close,” Trooper Buck told the class.