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WCHS seniors to graduate tonight
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Tonight is the night for an estimated 400 Warren County students scheduled to walk the stage and become high school graduates.
The ceremony is set to begin at 7 p.m. at Nunley Stadium.
Among the highlights, the eight valedictorians of the class of 2011 are scheduled to share a keynote address titled “We Are On Our Way.” Joel Rowland just missed the cut to becoming a valedictorian and agonized about it yesterday.
“I finished No. 9 in the class,” said Rowland, who will get to wear a blue graduation gown tonight for finishing in the top 10 percent. “I finished with a 3.99 GPA. I had one B in eighth grade in algebra II.”
Corey Morris will be one of the valedictorians speaking tonight. He said yesterday he’s glad to be closing one chapter in his life and working toward new goals, although he hasn’t picked a profession just yet.
“I want to be a surgeon, a lawyer or a dentist,” said Morris. “I can’t decide which.”
Classmate Rebekah Sweeton isn’t convinced Morris would make a good lawyer.
“Corey, you’re too agreeable to be a lawyer,” said Sweeton. “If you’re arguing one point and another lawyer is arguing another, you’d probably say, ‘Yeah, you’re right.’”
Sweeton says she will be eyeing a dental career.
“I’d love to be a dentist and make boo-koos of money,” said Sweeton. “But I wouldn’t trust myself enough to give somebody mouth surgery so I’ll probably be a dental hygienist.”
As for what stunts the class of 2011 may have for tonight’s ceremony, that will remain a secret.
“I know what’s being planned, but I’m not saying anything,” said Rowland.
Director of Schools Dr. Jerry Hale knows he’s in store for 400 handshakes as seniors graduate.
“I guess it’s a sign that I’m getting old because it took my hand a couple days to recover last year,” said Hale, who is ready for his 11th graduation as director of schools.