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WCHS implements new cellphone policy
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It’s a case of good news, bad news for students and their cellphones as a new policy will allow high school students to carry their phones to school with them, but won’t allow them to use the devices during school hours.Under the new policy approved by the Warren County School Board, students at Warren County High School can carry their phones with them on campus as long as they leave them in their bookbags or lockers and are not actively using them during school hours.“The essence of this policy is that students who are in extracurricular activities after school can have their phones with them in case they need to use them to call parents or family after school hours,” said School Board member Bill Zechman. “This policy is not to suggest students can have their phones out at school talking and texting. This is for a convenience factor for those participating in extracurricular activities only.”The policy expressly forbids the use of phones, even during breaks between classes, without the permission of a teacher.