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WCHS gym gets brighter future
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Warren County High School basketball fans will have more to cheer about this year than just the score on the board. Diehard fans will realize the lights in the gym are no longer emitting a humming sound and the players are competing on a new floor.
The WCHS gym has undergone a complete overhaul this summer. The parquet floor has been removed and has been replaced with hardwood. The metal-halide lamps have been replaced with T5 lighting which is brighter and does not hum.
Another change is less seating.
WCHS principal Tony Cassel said, “We will lose about 200 seats or so, but this will give more room on the floor. I don’t think less seating will affect anyone really. Now fans will not have to walk in front of team players when they go to concessions.”
Two rows of seats will be removed or folded in toward the top of the bleachers to make more walking room on the floor.
Prater’s Flooring out of Chattanooga has been in charge of replacing the floor in the main gym and the auxiliary gym. Owner John Prater said his company mainly deals with providing sports flooring for middle schools, high schools and colleges.
“We are the largest portable flooring company in the South,” said Prater. “We just recently built floors for the final four NBA All-Star game. Those types of floors can be taken up in five hours. This one is permanent, though. I think the players and coaches are going to love this new floor.”
The floor will season for a couple of weeks in order to become acclimated to the environment in the gym. Once the floor is seasoned, it will be finished and striping and artwork will be added.
The first WCHS basketball game is scheduled for mid-November.