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WCHS graduate wins $43,000 on 'Jeopardy'
Shane Curtis on Jeopardy
Shane Curtis, right, is pictured with host Alex Trebek.
He’s a Warren County High School graduate who was recently a three-day champion on the game show “Jeopardy.”Who is Shane Curtis?That’s the correct “Jeopardy” answer for McMinnville native Shane Curtis, who fulfilled an ambition he’s had since high school earlier this month when he competed on "Jeopardy." Curtis won three days out of four, taking home $43,000 in prize money.“It was just awesome, something I’ve wanted to do ever since it came back on when I was in high school,” said Curtis, who graduated from Warren County High School in 1987 and is currently a Kansas resident. He said he enjoys trivia and much of his eclectic knowledge has come from considerable reading.Curtis started his journey by taking a 50-question online “Jeopardy” test.