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Volunteers get free car registration
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A state bill will provide volunteer firefighters and Rescue Squad members with free vehicle registration renewal for fiscal year 2018-19.
“I sponsored this bill last year,” said state Rep. Paul Sherrell. “It didn’t pass. I felt it was important so I sponsored it again this year. It passed.”
Placed within the state’s budget to fund the endeavor was $54,600. However, the bill does not remove local registration requirements.
Warren County charges $30 per vehicle. Called a wheel tax, it was originally passed in 1992 to cover the cost of the new high school. In March 2012, voters reaffirmed the charge with its revenue going to fund education. It generates approximately $1 million annually.
Sherrell asked the full Warren County Commission on Monday to suspend the wheel tax to make registration renewal free for these volunteers.
“I’ve already been to White County because it has a wheel tax,” said Sherrell. “I’m asking you if you would consider waiving the wheel tax for these folks who are volunteer firefighters and volunteer Rescue Squad so they won’t have to pay for that. They work for you.”
Sherrell said he contacted the county’s legal counsel and a resolution would be needed.
Commissioner Terry Bell offered to bring the measure before the county Budget and Finance Committee, of which he is chairman.
The state bill is set to take effect July 1.