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Video footage of officer drug behind car released
cop light
Video footage has been released from officer being drug behind car.

The man who dragged a police officer with his van following a traffic stop has been bound to the grand jury on numerous felony counts.
The man, Charles T. Grizzle, 26, was bound to the grand jury following hearing before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke on charges of evading arrest, reckless endangerment, aggravated assault, possession of meth and drug paraphernalia and introduction of drugs into the county jail.
Grizzle, who hails from Shelbyville, was pulled over at the intersection of Chancery and Locust streets because police could not read his license plate because it was improperly displayed. During the stop it was determined he was wanted on outstanding warrants. He was told there was a warrant on him and was ordered to get out of the vehicle but refused Sgt. Justin Shrum’s command. The policeman then gave him the count of 10 to get out before he would be pulled out.
“He refused order to vacate the vehicle,” Shrum said. “He pulled the gear shift into drive as I tried to stop him.”
The vehicle lurched into gear, dragging Shrum, who was partially in the driver’s compartment, behind it. Shrum then fell onto the concrete, hitting knees first as the van struck a concrete abutment, busting out one of the front tires. The Dodge Caravan was disabled, prompting Grizzle to abandon his vehicle and run. He was caught a short time later. Shrum was treated for his injuries at River Park.
Meanwhile, as the officer was being treated, Grizzle was being busted again, this time at Warren County Jail. As he was being strip searched before being placed into the general jail population, Grizzle refused to take off his boxer briefs. He was eventually found with a syringe of meth.