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Vending machine thief jailed
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A Smithville man was given two years in prison for stealing from vending machines.
The man, William Corey Dickens, 29, was given a two-year sentence and must make $1,200 restitution for theft. He will also be required to perform 32 hours public service work once he makes parole.
His sentence comes after he was caught on surveillance video stealing money from vending machines at Yorozu where he was an employee. The video showed Dickens gaining access to the inside of a bill changer and a drink machine. The machines were owned by Five Star Foods from Cookeville of which Dickens was not an employee.
Lawmen were able to identify Dickens and match him to the video by using his driver license photo.
The video showed Dickens committed the thefts on two different occasions. He first broke into the bill changer and got $650. Then, he returned later during his shift and gained access into the drink machine where he took about $550.