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Vanishing Act
Downtown fountain removed
It's gone but not forgotten. The Court Square fountain has been removed by city officials for routine repair work.

The fountain on Court Square has performed a disappearing act.
“We decided with the cold weather moving in that it would be a good time to dismantle it, clean it, and paint it,” said Hank Patton, the city’s landscape manager. “Apparently, we created a mystery as to where the fountain went. I like a good mystery.”
In January 2012, the fountain was removed for one month and sent to be cleaned and powder coated – a technique of applying dry paint. Preservation was done by J&J Powder Coating and Fabrication.
Patton says the fountain was due for a good cleaning, but unlike 2012, the work will be done by city employees.
“We’re going to tackle this in-house,” said Patton. “There were some rust spots that needed to be removed. The rust was from spacers that we used. We’ll have to use different spacers this time to see if that fixes the problem. There was also a pipe with an abrasion on it. We had a couple of issues that we needed to work on and the fountain needed painting again.”
The cold weather provided the perfect opportunity.
“We were going to shut the fountain off anyway because we had someone slip and fall last year,” said Patton. “Water around the fountain froze and someone slipped and fell. We don’t want that to happen again.”
Before being removed, the fountain had already frozen once this year. At this time, the return date is unknown.