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UPDATE: Rutherford's contract not renewed
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McMinnville officials have decided not to renew the contract of city administrator David Rutherford on Sept. 30. A vote of no confidence passed almost unanimously.
Mayor Jimmy Haley, Vice Mayor Ben Newman and Aldermen Mike Neal, Ken Smith, Jimmy Bonner and Rick Barnes voted in favor, while Alderman Billy Wood voted against.
Wood says the board is making its decision based on an evaluation that does not match Rutherford’s job description, making a comparison of city recorder Shirley Durham being evaluated on how well she mows the grass.
 “Several of these questions do not match is job description,” said Wood. “It would be like evaluating Shirley on how she mows. She doesn’t mow. It’s not in her job description.”
Newman denies the allegation.
“I put in my evaluation that Rutherford works hard,” Newman said. “He’s a smart, intelligent man and he does work extremely hard at his job. Sometimes, there is a loss of confidence in folks. I think our community has lost confidence  in our city administrator, which is why I’m going to vote the way I do tonight. I hope we can restore confidence.”
While the board voted to not renew Rutherford’s contract on Sept. 30, no decision was made regarding a stipulation in his contract that allows the board to decide: allow him to work 12 months or terminate his services and pay him 12 months salary plus benefits.
“I am going to continue to do my job as a professional and continue to work for the good of the community,” Rutherford said Tuesday morning of the board’s decision.
Rutherford has been with the city since April 30, 2007.