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Union workers make Christmas brighter for Morrison children
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Members of United Steel Workers Local 1155 at Bridgestone want students at Morrison Elementary to have a memorable Christmas. They have collected names and Christmas wish lists of students from the school for several years.
This year, guidance counselor Lindsey Matheny provided the names of 20 students and USW members purchased gifts for the children.
USW representative Rosie Keele said one child had underwear listed first on his list.
“These kids just want the basics,” said Keele. “We get them toys but most want things others may take for granted. One child a few years ago listed food items and soap on their wish list. Needless to say, they had plenty to eat that year. I bought lots of groceries for that student.”
Matheny said, “Teachers submitted names of students who they felt were most in need. A committee of teachers and staff went through and picked the children who they believed needed the most help this Christmas. The students are very needy and their families are most appreciative. They may need new clothes or they have clothes that don’t fit. One child on the list has a very sick parent. It means a lot to these kids to have a Christmas.
“USW Local 1155 is the biggest support to help the kids at our school who need clothes and socks and things like that,” Matheny continued. “We are very thankful for their help.”