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Two former alderman have city building named in their honor
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The city’s biosolids process facility on Cope Street will be named after former aldermen William “Bill” Lively Jr. and Glen Moore Jr.
McMinnville voted unanimously that the facility to be named the “City of McMinnville Lively-Moore Biosolids Process Facility.” Voting in favor were Mayor Jimmy Haley, Vice Mayor Ben Newman and Aldermen Billy Wood, Jimmy Bonner, Ken Smith and Mike Neal.
Haley invited Lively and Moore to stand before the board as he read a resolution to them.
“These two gentlemen have served this city extremely well in the past,” he said. “They gave many years of committed service as public servants. They served as aldermen and on several committees within the city. I would like them to come forward while I read this resolution.”
Within the resolution, “During their many years of service on the city of McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen they worked to promote the need for the construction of the Biosolids Process Facility to keep the city of McMinnville Wastewater Treatment Plant ahead of changing Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and Federal Environmental Protection Agency guidelines.”
Alderman Wood made the recommendation to name the facility after the former aldermen.
“In 1997, when I was sworn in, Bill Lively looked up at me and said ‘Son, now that you are here, don’t believe anything that you’ve been told or anything you’ve heard about how it actually works here’ and Glen Moore looked up and said, ‘Yeah, and about only half of what you’ve seen.’ Five minutes later, Judge Dempster said ‘Ya’ll need your head examined for running for this in the first place.’”
Haley presented Lively and Moore plaques of their resolutions.