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Two aldermen wont seek re-election
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McMinnville Vice Mayor Everett Brock has announced he will run for re-election this year. He will be the only incumbent alderman in the race.
“I will not seek re-election,” said Alderman Clair Cochran. “I have said that consistently since the first year. My plans have not changed. I will not run for a second term.”
There is one more incumbent up for re-election, that of Alderman Rick Barnes.
“I don’t plan on running again,” said Barnes.
After winning two terms from his constituents, Barnes says he feels defeated by the board.
“I’m frustrated,” Barnes said in explaining his decision. “I can’t get anything done. I don’t understand why they don’t want to do some of the things I want to do, like freezing taxes on seniors. I’ve tried to discuss it, but they won’t. I don’t understand why. I guess I don’t belong there.”
In seeking re-election, Brock says he began his term with the city’s financial situation in poor shape.
“We had to bite the bullet and make some tough decisions that no one liked,” said Brock referring to a plan designed by city administrator David Rutherford. “David laid everything out for us. If we hadn’t cut back like we did, we would have been bankrupt right now. It was tough, but we did what needed to be done.”
With those dark decisions behind him, Brock wants to see what political life is like on the brighter side.
“We have really got a chance here to do some good things,” said Brock. “Our dollar numbers are up. Not just because the sales tax, but the city taxes being moved up. People are paying their taxes early.”
Giving back to the community will begin with a reduction in property tax, says Brock.
“I think we are all in favor of reducing the property tax rate,” he said. “Raising the property tax was one of those tough decisions we had to make.”
City elections will be held in November.