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TVA to implement new seasonal pricing
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After more than two years of planning, Tennessee Valley Authority will implement its new seasonal pricing rates April 1.The new rates reflect the differences in the cost of providing power during various seasons — charging more when the demand for power increases. Under this rate, electricity will cost more in the summer (June to September) and winter (December to March) than it does in the spring (April to May) and the fall (October to November).Since TVA is changing the power contracts of Caney Fork Electric Cooperative and McMinnville Electric System, as well as the other 153 distributors of TVA power, it will change the way both local utilities charge. Bill Rogers, general manager of Caney Fork Electric and Rodney Boyd, general manager and CEO of McMinnville Electric, say these new rates should only have a small impact on local bills.“When you look at the new base rate, Caney Fork customers will see a less than one-half of a percent increase in the summer, in the winter less than a quarter of a percent increase, and in the transition months a decrease of one-half a percent.