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Tuesday's sentences from General Sessions Court
Judge Locke with defendant.jpg
Judge Bill Locke addresses a defendant Tuesday morning in General Sessions Court. Judge Locke says he doesn’t plan to use any accumulated sick time and will serve until the very last hour of his term on Aug. 31 at midnight.

Judge Bill Locke ruled on the following cases Tuesday in General Sessions Court.

Albert Ray George was ordered to serve 75 days for false imprisonment, domestic assault and violation of probation. He is to have no contact with the victim and is to complete the batterer’s program.

Justin Woodard was ordered to serve 120 days for assault with bodily injury.

Bradley Griffith was ordered to serve 90 days for violation of probation and possession of meth.

Cassidy Judkins was ordered to serve 160 days for evading arrest, failure to appear and violation of probation.

Thurman William Crisp was ordered to serve 30 days of an 11-month, 29-day sentence for possession of meth.

Tommy Lee Majors was released on time served for violating an order of protection.

Tia J. Merritt was ordered to serve 30 days of an 11-29 sentence for possession of meth, casual exchange with a minor, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Clayton Owen Nichols was ordered to serve 10 days for violating an order of protection.

Elton Sanders was ordered to serve 90 days for domestic assault, violation of probation, and criminal trespass.

Michael Wallace was ordered to serve 60 days of an 11-29 sentence for domestic assault and interference with emergency calls.

Rebecca D. Wilder was ordered to serve 5 days for criminal trespass and was told to stay out of Dollar General.

Ordered to serve jail time for violation of probation were:

Jennifer Nicole Anderson, 30 days

Mary Flanagan, revoked to serve

Jacob Wesley Johnson, 30 days

Scarlett D. Lawrence, 30 days

Curtis Allen Lloyd, 30 days

David Allen McCormick, 30 days

Crystal Dawn Myers, 1 day

Nicholas Ryan Myers, 90 days

Rachel Diane Park, revoked to serve but can be furloughed to Adult Recovery