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Tracy concession prevents long appeal process
DesJarlais wins GOP nomination
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With Jim Tracy conceding his 38-vote loss to incumbent 4th District Congressman Scott DesJarlais without a fight, election offices across the district can breathe a sigh of relief.“It would have taken days and days and days and days,” said election administrator Donna Smith of the request for information sent to her office by Tracy’s camp on Aug. 18 when he was still eying a challenge of his close loss in the Republican Primary.The question was laid to rest Monday when Tracy conceded without a fight.“I have called Rep. DesJarlais to inform him of my decision to concede and congratulate him,” Tracy said, noting he will remain in government in his job at the state capitol. “One reason why I am at peace about my decision is I am devoted to my service as senator from the 14th Senatorial District of Tennessee.”DesJarlais won by a count of 34,793 to 34,755. The close finish had Tracy considering a challenge before the state’s primary board, which is composed of the Republican State Executive Committee.