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Tracking device removed
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A man who pulled off his monitoring device and disappeared for 24 hours had his bond revoked on felonious assault charges.The suspect, Juanito G. Morano, 32, wants out of jail after he intentionally removed the GPS tracking device probation officers put on his leg so they could monitor his movements. Morano, in recent court motions, maintains he has a place with Teen Challenge, which is a rehab facility, and hopes the court will give him a second chance despite his removing the GPS device. Morano was wearing the GPS device in the first place for putting a man in the hospital when he assaulted him outside the VFW. In warrants charging aggravated assault, the victim says Morano reportedly tried to pull him over as he approached the VFW where he was going to pick up his wife.“A car pulled behind him and then in front of him, trying to make him stop,” said deputy Eddie Colwell in his warrant for felony assault.When the victim got out at the VFW he was waylaid by Morano.“He got out of his vehicle and starting hitting the victim,” Colwell said.