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toy story
Annual ride aims to give kids a merry Christmas
toy ride kid
Carson Dodd brings two stuffed dinosaurs to donate to the cause Saturday at the annual Toy Ride which left Plaza Shopping Center at 1 p.m.

Bad weather cleared out just in time for the annual motorcycle toy ride on Saturday, but bikers were prepared to hold the event no matter what.

“They don’t cancel Christmas for any reason so we’re not going to cancel our toy ride either,” said Rob Wolford, one of the original organizers. “This is a real good turnout considering the weather we had last night and this morning.”

Motorcycles began filling the parking lot of Plaza Shopping Center on Saturday morning in preparation for the 1 p.m. ride. Toy donations were being accepted on site.

“This is our second trailer,” said volunteer Jeanette Scott. “We’ve already filled one.”

Now in its 21st year, the ride has been renamed the Ron Hillis Toy Run. Mr. Hillis was an original organizer who passed away in October.

“He meant an awful lot to us,” said Wolford. “I’m glad this year has been able to be so successful. We’ve raised over $22,000 and received a bunch of toys and all of that will go to making sure local kids have a good Christmas.”

The toy ride is working with the Central Baptist Association to distribute the toys. The Central Baptist Association has taken over the toy drive that was operated for decades by the Rescue Squad.