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Toy Drive nets over $33K in gifts
toy drive eyes fixed
Toy drive volunteers worked over 12 hours on Thursday to help make memories for Warren County families. Pictured, front row, from left, are Joseph Castillo, Central Baptist Association executive director Jim Ramsey, Brittany Esparza, and Missy Wolford. Back row, Olivia Talbert, Juan Almayner, Jennifer Cantrell, Ryan Congdon, Rob Wolford, Jerry Butcher, and Diane Butcher.

Thanks to the generosity of the Warren County community, over 24 area churches, and motorcycle enthusiasts, the 2022 Toy Drive was an overwhelming success. Smiles on Christmas morning for 430 children from approximately 190 Warren County families are now almost certain to appear. 

Over $33,000 in toys, clothes, and other gifts were either donated or purchased for this year’s Toy Drive. Planning began in early October.

“All of this would have not been possible without the motorcycle guys.” said the Central Baptist Association executive director Jim Ramsey.

Rob Wolford, a founding Toy Ride member, said, “In 1999, we just went door to door asking for donations. We would sometimes get odd looks like why is there a bunch of bikers pulling up here to our house? It’s grown so much since then. It’s huge. All of this would not be possible without this community and it has been a community effort. A lot of times people ask me, how do you guys do it? I want to give my wife credit for what she does. She has worked so hard in this effort and she always has my back.”

Said Missy Wolford, “We love our children and our community. Everyone has come together and worked side by side. We are not biological brothers and sisters, but we get in there and work together like family.” 

After the sun had set on this year’s event, the bar for next year was already being raised. Rob Wolford, in closing, said, “We want to triple the number of children we serve next year.”