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Titanic shows need to heed warnings, Sain says
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Central Church of Christ held its annual Friends and Neighbors Lunch for the community Tuesday with a record attendance. Ladies of the congregation who prepared and served the tasty meal estimated around 350 had come through the line as of 12:30 p.m. They were hoping to not run out of food before 1 p.m. rolled around to end the meal.
Jozada Smith said, “I know this is one of the largest crowds we’ve had. We have served around 250 people who sat and ate and dished up another 100 carryouts or so.”
Those gathered came from all walks of life and many work downtown within walking distance of the church. Senior citizens were in attendance as well as young people. Central’s youth minister, Josh Pierce, arranged for students to be school-sponsored for the lunch hour and several took him up on the opportunity to eat lunch and hear the speaker.
Emma Cantrell, Warren County Middle School eighth-grader, said, “I came so I could eat some good food and have a home-cooked lunch. And, also, to have fellowship with my church family.”
Guests enjoyed hearing Paul Sain speak. Sain has been preaching during a gospel meeting being held at Central on a series of lessons titled “Our God He is Alive!”
Sain graduated with the class of 1964 from McMinnville City High School. His father preached at West Riverside Church of Christ during his high school years. He and his wife of 49 years, LaDon, bought their first home on Rebel Hill Street. Sain presently preaches at East Hill Church of Christ in Pulaski.
Sain spoke to the crowd gathered in Central’s fellowship hall Tuesday on the subject of the sinking of the Titanic.
“When we think about the Titanic, the construction of it was amazing. The vessel itself weighed 46,000 tons. Three million rivets held it together. It took three years to construct. And, on the launch, there were 100,000 people just to see it slip away from the berth,” said Sain.
“It was a phenomenal vessel. There were luxurious accommodations, the grand staircase, the saunas, various tennis courts, etc. But, we know what happened. And, we know it should not have happened. In the arrogance of some of those in charge of it made comments such as, ‘It’s unsinkable’ and ‘It will not sink’ but, it did. There were at least six warnings given to Captain Smith and his crew concerning icebergs in the area. They ignored the warnings. In fact, they not only ignored the warnings, they in essence said, ‘Don’t bother us. Leave us alone. There are executives and Astors and Guggenheims and they need to communicate with their companies and corporations. Just leave us alone.’ The closest vessel, 10 miles away, turned their telegraph off after those offensive disturbing replies. It ended up being the tragedy that caused the death of literally hundreds of people that otherwise did not have to perish,” said Sain.
Sain said that according to those who know, usually only one-ninth of it protrudes above the water leaving eight-ninths of it below the water. He said it is believed the iceberg the Titanic hit weighed 20 times more than the Titanic itself.
“The people onboard were oblivious to it. They didn’t care at all. They kept on partying and card playing and dancing and whatever they were doing at that time thinking everything would be all right. It was the Titanic. But, in less than an hour, Captain Smith knew he was doomed,” Sain said.
Sain said there were not enough life boats because the designers did not think they would be needed. He said each lifeboat held 64 people but no one wanted to get on them initially. “People made fun of those getting on the lifeboats,” he said.
According to Sain, when reality hit, the people realized they had made great tragic decisions.
Sain tied his talk into the series of gospels lessons he has been preaching at Central since Sunday.
“Tonight we are going to be talking about the home, the home God designed and God desires. As it pertains to the lessons of the Titanic, they made some bad decisions. They decided not to use the lifeboat, to be in a place of safety. They were overconfident and arrogant. They ignored the warnings. As a result, many people perished that night. The truth is, we have all types of warnings around us telling us we need to make sure that our relationship with God is right,” said Sain.
“We need to make sure we don’t make the same mistakes. We need to understand there is value in being able to have money and use money to God’s glory. But, money will not save us. Money is worthless when it comes to our souls. Let’s make sure we are not making the same mistakes that they did, those on the Titanic, and the crew of the Titanic. Let’s make sure we are laying up treasures in Heaven.”
Sain is a speaker/ producer of programs for Gospel Broadcasting Network including “Speaking the Truth in Love” and “A Better Life.” He is the author of many books and tracts including “Ready Reference for Growing Christians.” He owns Sain Publication which publishes books, tracts and Bible class materials. He also owns Sain video productions where he directs and produces many multiple programs for the Gospel Broadcasting Network.
Central Church of Christ is located downtown at 101 E. Morford Street. Service begins Wednesday at 7 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend. The lessons are also broadcast live on local public radio WCPI 91.3.