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Three sign away TennCare benefits for selling their pills
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Three people have lost their TennCare benefits for selling their pills – bought for them by taxpayers – for profit.
The drugs, which included morphine and hydrocodone, were bought from the suspects during a recent undercover drug-buying operation. It was then determined the suspects had used their TennCare benefits to get the drugs which were in turn sold to the undercover operative.
While all three of the defendants were forced to sign away their TennCare benefits for the balance of their sentences, only one of them will serve jail time.
Jennie Northcutt Pleasant was ordered to serve 45 days of a two-year sentence. She will be allowed to serve her sentence on weekends. She must also pay $2,000 plus court costs and perform 20 hours public service work. Her sentence comes for selling her hydrocodone pills to the undercover agent.
Joining Pleasant in signing away her TennCare benefits was Bobby Craven who was granted a two-year judicial diversion. Craven, according to court papers, admitted selling 10 diazepam and eight hydros, to what turned out to be the undercover agent. The judicial diversion means he may have his conviction erased from his record as long as he does not get into any more trouble during his probation sentence.
Also losing TennCare benefits and getting a judicial diversion was Charlie Crockett Conley. He was granted a three-year judicial diversion for facilitating the delivery of morphine.
He was fined $2,000 plus costs and must perform 50 hours public service work.
All three may petition to get their TennCare back after their entire sentences are complete.