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Three charged after meth lab found
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Three suspects face narcotics charges after police found an alleged meth lab in their Mountain Street house.
The suspects, April Sanders and John M. Poss, are the reported residents of the house and face charges of initiating of the process to manufacture meth. Poss also faces weapons charges for having a gun. The third suspect, Susan M. Walker, is charged with promoting the manufacture of meth.
Their arrests come after police visited the home on Mountain Street to ask about allegations meth was being made there. Under the state’s new tracking law which tracks people who make unusually high numbers of psudoephedrine purchases, the suspects had been flagged. Police said Sanders and Walker had “excessive” numbers of purchases of the ingredient, with McMinnville Police investigators surmising they were buying ingredients for Poss to make the illegal drug.
During a search of the residence, police found numerous items used in the production of meth concealed in an upstairs bedroom. Poss took responsibility for the lab, however, prosecutors, during a preliminary hearing last week, said the women could not be absolved of wrongdoing since they have a history of buying meth ingredients.
All three suspects have been bound to the grand jury on their respective charges.