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Three cars involved in Short Mountain wreck
Short Mt
Lacy Garrison photo Sheriffs Department Lt. Cory Knowles assists Donna Reed, owner of the Kia Sorento, down the slope so she can collect her belongings. Reed ran off the road, hit a utility pole and flipped several times.

No one was injured Thursday morning, but a crash and overturned vehicle on Short Mountain Road led to a three-car incident.

Donna Reed of Liberty was traveling in her black Kia Sorento when she ran off the road, hit a utility pole, and flipped several times into a nearby field. The car landed on its side with Reed still inside. Robert Russell, who lives in the house across from the field where the wreck took place, ran to pull Reed to safety.

“I ran out there as soon as the accident happened,” said Russell. “Me and two other guys helped get her out of the vehicle. Physically she’s fine. She’s just trying to get her property right now. Surprisingly, there isn’t a visible scratch on her.”

As a result of wires across the road from the fallen utility pole, two additional motorists were caught in the aftermath. The first motorist, trying to avoid the wires, ran into a mailbox. A separate passing motorist got caught in the wires, causing damage to her vehicle including a detached muffler.

A Sheriff’s Department report didn’t include names of the other two motorists.

This isn’t the first wreck Russell has witnessed from across the street. He said there was another wreck recently with a kid and a Dodge Dakota truck.

“It floods here, but they did just fix that,” explained Russell. “I’ve only lived here a year, but I’ve seen many a wreck. I’m just glad this lady is OK.”
Short Mountain Road is a narrow, two-lane road that is a frequent spot for wrecks.