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Thompson's own words key pieces of evidence
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The testimony of old friends and the defendant’s own words were key pieces of evidence for prosecutors in their case against Chad Thompson as the state rested its case Wednesday afternoon.“He said he’d just go kill him and do it himself,” testified Thompson’s old friend and convicted drug trafficker Scott Muncey.From the stand, Muncey claimed the defendant tried to recruit him and fellow friend Destry Cobb to help with the crime. “He asked us to help rob someone and make it look like a drug deal gone bad.”Muncey explained that while Thompson never said exactly who he planned to rob, his description of the person fit murder victim Tracy Martin, 38, Thompson’s cousin.Muncey said the plan was he would sneak up on Thompson and Martin with a BB gun and rob them, thereby getting the $1,000 which lawmen say the victim had on his person before his murder. Muncey said he was even supposed to pistol whip both men to make it look good.