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Things are peachy
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Everything is about to get peachy.
A fundraiser kicks off today that’s offering local organizations the chance to sell boxes of peaches for $25 and earn $10 profit for their group for every box that’s sold.
Peach orders are being accepted now for a July 13 delivery date. Mid-July was selected because that’s the time of year for peaches to reach their flavorful peak.
The mouth-watering peaches are grown by Sean and Ashleigh Lennon at Fitzgerald Fruit Farms in Woodbury, Ga. They will be delivered to McMinnville 24 to 48 hours after being hand-picked. Each box contains 9 to 10 pounds of peaches, which is 21 to 24 peaches per box.
Four local schools have already signed up to participate in peach sales – Irving College, Covenant Academy, West Elementary and Warren Academy. In addition, three local groups are selling the peaches – Relay for Life, McMinnville swim team, and WCHS winter guard.
The Southern Standard is partnering with BD Fundraising to provide this unique opportunity for local groups to earn money.
“We realize local groups are always looking to raise money, whether it’s a team trying to buy new uniforms or a school wanting to start a new year with money in its fund balance,” said Brad Durham of BD Fundraising. “These peaches are an easy sell. People love them. This will provide the delicious peaches people want while giving the clubs, schools and churches that sell them $10 for every box. It’s a win-win.”
The peaches will be delivered to McMinnville via truck and be available for pickup Monday, July 13 in the Civic Center parking lot. The peaches can be ordered in several convenient ways. The first is to stop by the Southern Standard office and pay cash. A brief order form is on page 7A.
The second option is ordering online at A drop-down window will allow you to select the organization you wish to receive the $10 donation.
The third option is to order from a person selling peaches from one of the participating organizations.
If your organization or church would like to sell peaches, contact Brad Durham at (615) 838-4426 or Standard editor James Clark at 473-2191.