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Thief's luck turns bad
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A burglar’s good luck was short lived after he was caught on video cashing in a winning lottery ticket he stole during the break-in of a local business.


The burglar, Anthony Lynn Colwell, 43, waived his right to preliminary hearing and has been bound to the grand jury by General Sessions Judge Bill Locke on multiple counts of burglary, criminal trespassing and theft. The charges come for breaking into On the Way Market near Dibrell. The store was formerly called Delores’ Market.


According to Sheriff Jackie Matheny, Colwell is suspected of bringing into On the Way Market twice, hitting the establishment back-to-back. Specifically, the sheriff said Colwell broke into the store around 2:30 a.m. on July 12 and then returned during the pre-dawn hours of July 13 and again busted out the front glass of the store that sits on Highway 56 about half-way between McMinnville and Dibrell. The damage caused by his break-ins is estimated at $700 for replacement of the window.


His items of opportunity were cartons of cigarettes and numerous lottery tickets. It was the lottery tickets that led to his being caught.


“He cashed them in,” Matheny revealed, noting Colwell was quite lucky with his stolen lottery tickets. “He won over $100 on one of them.”


Colwell chose to redeem his winning lottery tickets for cash at two stores in McMinnville. However, in doing so he didn’t realize he was caught on surveillance cameras cashing in the winning tickets. Sheriff’s investigators used the evidence to charge him with the crimes. They also discovered along the way that he had committed a similar crime in neighboring DeKalb County.