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Text message key to Webb's arrest
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Sheriff Jackie Matheny has revealed more information about the investigation surrounding Warren County Animal Control after 36 marijuana plants were found growing on the property July 9.
Matheny said the investigation began when the sheriff’s department received information there was marijuana growing outside the Animal Control building. Animal Control director Tammy Webb and her son, Jonathan Ewell Smith, have been charged with manufacture, sale, and delivery of marijuana.
Matheny said his officers watched the patch for two days, observed Smith in the patch, and took pictures of Smith working in the marijuana. When officers descended on the property, they reportedly found Smith working in the patch and he was arrested.
Following Smith’s arrest, according to Matheny, officers had reason to believe Webb was also involved. Matheny said one text sent from Webb’s phone to Smith’s phone said, “The police is all around. Get out of the patch.”
The incriminating text message, along with the fact Webb had purchased the hoses used to water the plants, as well as potting soil used to fertilize the plants, all led to her being charged.
At this time, Webb is still on unpaid leave from her position as Animal Control director, but that could change this week.
Warren County Health and Welfare Committee chairman Sally Brock said Webb’s employment status will be discussed before the full Health and Welfare Committee at a meeting scheduled Tuesday for 6:30 p.m. at the administrative building on Locust Street.