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Tennis court wall gets no love
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The deteriorated wall dividing the outdoor tennis courts at McMinnville Civic Center is being considered for removal.
“It’s pretty much horrible,” said McMinnville Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord of the wall’s condition. “We came up with two different plans. We decided to do away with the retaining wall. There will be a slight increased slope and there will not be any kind of retaining wall.”
Currently, the lower level tennis court has a slanted area just prior to the wall.
Proposed is cutting out the asphalt, grading it with gravel, adding drainage underneath, and concreting it in, which will do away with the wall and take away some of the slant. A new six-foot fence will replace the existing four-foot fence.
Four bids were received on the project. The lowest bid submitted was from Custom Construction of Warren County in the amount of $33,770. The other bids ranged from $38,480 to $52,000.
“Custom met all the qualifications and was the low bidder,” said McCord. “They’ve worked for the city before and they’ve done fine work. They know the business. They’ve even worked on the tennis courts, I believe, a long time ago.”
The department has $40,000 in its existing budget for the wall and the addition of sidewalks, which is estimated to be around $5,000.
Work will not begin until after school is out, if approval is given by the city.
“We are waiting until school is out because access to that area is through the playground at school. We’ve already gotten permission from the school to go through there once school is out,” said McCord.
Parks and Recreation Committee members Aldermen Ben Newman, chairman, Steve Harvey and Jimmy Bonner approved the low bid. Their recommendation will be sent to the full board for its approval. The next regular session is April 17.