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Tennessee Promise questions answered
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Q: Who is eligible for Tennessee Promise?
A: Any high school senior who graduates from an eligible Tennessee high school or completes a Tennessee home school program can apply for Tennessee Promise. Students will apply in early fall of their high school senior year and begin working with a mentor and attending mandatory meetings in their counties by January. While Tennessee Promise is available to all students regardless of socioeconomic status, partnering organizations will work with high school guidance counselors to target at-risk students who would otherwise not pursue education beyond high school.

Q: How many students will Tennessee Promise serve?
A: It’s expected that, when fully implemented, it will serve roughly 26,000 students each year. It is projected to serve roughly 12,000 students its first year.

Q: Where can you use Tennessee Promise?
A: Students can use it at any of Tennessee’s 27 colleges of applied technology, 13 community colleges or any in-state independent or four-year public university offering an associate’s degree.

Q: Can a non U.S. citizen qualify?
A: No

Q: Are part-time students eligible?
A: No. A student must attend full time.

Q: What is the cost of funding Tennessee Promise?
A: The estimated annual cost is $34 million to provide students with five consecutive semesters. The fifth semester addresses the nearly 70 percent of Tennessee high school graduates enrolling in community college who require at least one remedial class.

Q: What does Tennessee Promise fund?
A: Tennessee Promise is a last-dollar scholarship that funds leftover tuition and fees not covered by other financial aid once all other resources are exhausted.
Source: Tennessee Promise