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Tennessee bills that failed
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Here is a list of some of the legislation that failed in this year's legislative session:

ANTI-DISCRIMINATION LIMITS: Repealing a ban on local governments from enacting stricter anti-discrimination standards than the state. SB2762.

ATTORNEY GENERAL: Proposed amendment to constitution to have governor appoint the attorney general. SJR0693.

BI-ANNUAL SESSION: Holding legislative sessions only every other year. HB2785.

BIGGER CUT FOOD TAX: Requiring state to make cuts in sales tax on groceries if state has surplus revenues. SB3666.

CLASS SIZE: Lifting the cap on average class sizes at public schools. SB2210.

COLLEGES-RELIGIOUS GROUPS: Banning colleges from enacting nondiscrimination policies on student religious groups. SB3597. (Vetoed by Gov. Bill Haslam)

CONTRIBUTION LIMITS: Lifting total amount of campaign contributions legislative candidates can accept from political action committees. HB3281.

COSMETIC PROCEDURES: Requiring cosmetic procedures involving lasers and intense light machines to be supervised by a physician. HB2275.

DON'T SAY GAY: Banning teaching about gay issues to elementary and middle school students. HB0229.

ELECTING JUDGES: Holding popular elections for Supreme Court justices in August 2014. HB0173.

GUN BACKGROUND CHECKS: Exempting handgun carry permit holders from background checks for firearms purchases. SB0306.

GUNS IN PARKING LOTS: Guaranteeing employees the right to store firearms in vehicles parked at work. SB3002.

GRANT RECORDS: Blocking public access to names of owners of businesses receiving grants from state. HB2345.

HEALTH CARE COMPACT: Adding Tennessee to an interstate health care compact. HB0369.

HORSE SLAUGHTER: Encouraging horse slaughter facilities to locate in Tennessee. HB3619.

JUDICIAL REVIEW: Stripping state courts of the power to block laws enacted by the Legislature. SB2348.

LAWMAKER MEALS: Allowing employers of lobbyists to host receptions for standing legislative committees. HB3025.

LAWMAKER-DRUG TESTING: Requiring drug tests for state lawmakers. HB2411.

LIVING WAGE: Banning cities and counties from establishing a living wage. HB3386.

LOTTERY SCHOLARSHIPS: Making it more difficult to earn lottery scholarships. SB2514.

MEDICAL MARIJUANA: Legalizing medical marijuana in Tennessee. HB0294.

MODEL LEGISLATION: Requiring bill sponsors to disclose if their measure is based on model legislation. HB2301.

MOTORCYCLE HELMETS: Allowing adults to ride motorcycles without safety helmets. HB1673.

MOUNTAINTOP REMOVAL: Banning mountaintop removal coal mining in Tennessee. SB0577.

NURSES ASSAULT: Increasing penalties for assaults on health care workers . SB2658.

ORAL CHEMOTHERAPY: Requiring insurers to cover oral chemotherapy treatments. HB1087.

PER DIEM FREEZE: Freezing the per diem expense allowance for state lawmakers. SB1372.

SELECTING JUDGES-TENNESSEE PLAN: Proposed constitutional amendment to underscore current state system for selecting Supreme Court justices. SJR0183.

STRIPPER TAX: Taxing adult businesses and strippers to pay for reduction in tax on coins and bullion. HB0469.

TEACHER TENURE: Allowing teachers who receive average evaluations to qualify for tenure. HB2447.

TRUCK STOP BAN: Banning truck stops from within a half-mile of Nashville and Memphis. HB3683.

VOTER ID: Repealing Tennessee's voter ID requirements. HB2176.

WINE IN SUPERMARKETS: Allowing wine to be sold in supermarkets. HB2874.