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Teens caught stealing candy
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A late-night jogger caught two teens with their hands in the candy jar Tuesday night when the two young burglars emerged from their heist to find an off-duty deputy waiting for them.Warren County sheriff’s deputy Eddie Colwell was jogging the track around the Civic Center complex Tuesday when he noticed a youth standing suspiciously outside Gilley Pool. The deputy found that odd since it was almost 1 a.m. and curfew in the city of McMinnville is 11 p.m. It was as he slowed from his jog that he saw another boy crawling from the concession stand at Gilley Pool will a bagful of goodies.Colwell identified himself as an officer of the law and immediately took one of the 13-year-old boys into custody. The other boy, not quite ready for a nocturnal burglary as he was wearing a neon green shirt, ran away.A search of the boy Colwell caught revealed the youths had broken into the concession stand to steal sweets and chips as the boy held a bag containing Skittles, M&Ms and BBQ potato chips.His partner in crime was caught a short time later when police arrived at his apartment.