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Teen shoots store owner in Woodbury
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A 13-year-old boy faces attempted murder charges after he shot a store owner in downtown Woodbury while trying to rob him at gunpoint.
The youth, whose name has not been released due to his underage status, is in juvenile custody facing petitions on charges of attempted murder and aggravated robbery. He could face confinement with the state until his 19th birthday if he is found guilty.
The incident happened Thursday night at Leland’s Furniture and Home Decor located in downtown Woodbury across the street from Cannon County Courthouse.
“I thought it was a prank,” store owner Rick Ferrell told the Standard on Friday. Ferrell said the 13-year-old walked into his store and pointed a gun in his face. “I wasn’t expecting a kid to come in and point a gun at my head and try to rob me.”
Still under the impression the teen was pulling a hoax with a fake gun, Ferrell said he was able to get the youth out of the store only for the boy to break away and fire a shot.
“The bullet grazed my side, but I’m all right,” Ferrell said, noting the boy then fled on foot with a 17-year-old accomplice who had remained outside during the attempted robbery.
The youths were caught about an hour later and the younger of the two was charged with the crime.
Ferrell said he can only speculate why such a young boy would try to rob his store, adding even if he had been successful the teen would have gotten little cash.
“This is a cashless society we live in now,” Ferrell said, noting he seldom has any cash on hand.
Ferrell noted he has been in business for 16 months in what is normally a quiet town with no problems.
“I wasn’t prepared for this,” Ferrell said, noting the attempted robbery has taught him a lesson. “I’m prepared now.”