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Teen charged with pointing gun at man's head, pulling trigger
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Felony assault charges have been leveled against a teen who pointed a gun at another man’s head and pulled the trigger.
The suspect, Mark A. Jones, 18, could face three to six years on aggravated assault charges for the incident which happened at Partridge Meadows Apartments.
According to the arrest warrant against the teen, he showed up on the doorstep of a resident of the apartment complex sporting a fake badge around his neck and a handgun tucked in his waistband.
Jones reportedly asked the victim if he would like to buy the gun from him. He then racked the gun and dropped a bullet on the ground like it had been ejected from the gun. Then, without warning, he put the gun to the man’s head and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened.
The victim, thinking Jones was trying to kill him, took the gun away from the teen and a fight followed. Jones left the scene following the fight and remained at large for nearly two weeks.
It was learned after the incident that the gun Jones was carrying was not loaded and it was not even a real gun. It was a BB gun. However, Jones faces the same charge as if the gun had been real since he placed the victim in fear of his life.
Jones is being held under $25,000 bond.