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Teen avoids jail time for lying to police
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A teen who lied to police about injuries his underage girlfriend suffered will avoid jail time for his lie.
The youth, Roy Douglas Parsley, 18 at the time of the crime, entered guilty pleas before Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to the charge of giving a false report to an officer of the law. He was placed on probation for two years and must undergo a drug and alcohol assessment.
Parsley was charged after his teen girlfriend was hurt.
“He called 911 and said his girlfriend had been robbed and beat up in the parking lot of West Riverside Market,” said McMinnville police investigator Todd Rowland in his warrant against the youth.
Parsley claimed he had to help his girlfriend into her home before he called 911 and that he had actually seen three girls running from the store. He suggested to police they were the three girls who beat her up. Police observed cuts and marks on the girl when they took the report, the injuries indicating she had been beat up. She was taken to River Park Hospital for treatment of her injuries.
It was later in the week Rowland received information that circumstances were not as they seemed. A further probe of the assault revealed Parsley had allegedly made up the story about the parking lot assault to cover his own crime.
“It turned out to be a domestic situation,” Rowland said. “He confessed he had lied to the officers about what had gone on.”
Police suspect Parsley assaulted his girlfriend and became worried her family members would see her injuries and become suspicious he had beaten her. Rowland thinks that is why he made up the story about the parking lot assault to explain her injuries.