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Teen avoids jail for passing counterfeit $20 bills at fair
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A teen who passed counterfeit $20 bills at the Warren County A&L Fair was granted a judicial diversion but must write a letter of apology to the community clubs he ripped off as part of his deal to stay out of jail.
The defendant, Jack Dylan Howard, 19, entered guilty pleas to charges of criminal simulation and theft. He was directed to perform 150 hours public service work, make restitution, and pay $250 plus court costs.
He is also to write a letter to the community clubs about his passing the fake bills. He will be required to get his GED and maintain a full-time job. He was given the deal under a judicial diversion meaning he can move to have his criminal record erased if he successfully completes his two years on probation. Provided he meets his obligations of the diversion, he will have to serve no further time than what he has already served.
Howard was arrested in September at the fair after food booth workers reported someone was passing counterfeit $20 bills. Since counterfeits had been circulated, many of the booth workers were closely examining $20 bills.
At one booth, volunteers discovered they had been slipped a fake bill immediately after Howard left. The teen was recognized by the victim and pointed out to Sheriff Jackie Matheny, who happened to be walking by moments later. Matheny approached the teen and took him into custody near the scene of the crime.