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TCAP scores may count toward student grades
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Warren County students will have reason to perform well on the TCAP exams this year provided a measure passes the School Board that makes the tests 15 percent of the student’s overall grade.
The measure, which would impact students in grades 3-8, will take effect this school year provided it passes second read. The policy enhancement passed unanimously on first read Thursday night.
Presently, students taking the TCAP exam do not have an official grade from the tests. Instead, TCAP is used as a measuring stick for educators and school systems. The standardized tests address areas ranging from language and math to science.
TCAP testing is given heavy weight by school systems around the state since it is used to grade how systems are performing academically. It’s common for educators to take months preparing students for TCAPs in hopes they excel.
However, according to Warren County Director of Schools Dr. Jerry Hale, the problem is nothing encourages students to perform to the best of their ability on the tests.
“Before students had no accountability on TCAPs,” Dr. Hale told the School Board. “This will put some teeth in TCAPs.”
Should the measure pass on second read, the 15 percent grade will be added to the year-long final grade on whatever subject the TCAP test covers.