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Tax season trips up alleged identity theft
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A man who worked under an assumed name at Yorozu after stealing another man’s identity has been hit with four felony charges.
The suspect, Luis Armando Hernandez, 33, is charged with identity theft, forgery and two counts of criminal impersonation. He will face a hearing Feb. 17.
Hernandez was arrested during preparation for tax season when there was a conflict between his name and the identity he had stolen.
According to Jeff Phann of the state criminal investigation division, Hernandez applied for employment at Yorozu in September under the fraudulent name Gerardo Vazan and was hired a month later. The company revealed Hernandez gave them a forged Social Security card that belonged to the actual Gerado Vazan, along with a Tennessee ID card that had Hernandez’s picture but Vazan’s name. The number he used on the forged document belonged to another person.
What ended up catching Hernandez was his tax forms.
“He completed a signed employee’s withholding allowance certificate,” Phann said. “He used the name of Gerardo Vazan on the Social Security number and date of birth.”
Phann pointed out Hernandez did not have permission to use Vazan’s identification. In addition to his identity theft charges, Hernandez may be facing immigration counts.