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Take precautions when vacationing
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The summer travel season is here and millions of Americans will leave their home to enjoy a much-needed vacation. Unfortunately, many travelers may come home to find their house has been burglarized and their valuables taken.“No one wants to come home from vacation to find their house has been robbed,” said Jessica Brady, spokeswoman, AAA Travel. “By taking a few precautions, travelers can rest a little easier on vacation knowing their home and belonging will be safe and sound when they return.”Travelers who will be away on a tour, cruise, or road trip should take every precaution they can to safeguard their home.AAA tips to protect your home while on vacation:LONG-TERM PARKINGDo not leave items such as your vehicle registration, insurance cards, or any other identification in your vehicle if you are leaving it in a parking garage for an extended period of time.