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SUV crash remains mystery
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Police are trying to determine who was driving an SUV that crashed into a cliff Thursday night filled with five passengers, including three children.
The occupants of the Ford Explorer emerged from the crash without serious injury, however, those involved in the wreck were sketchy about who was driving.
The wreck happened around 8 p.m. Thursday night when the SUV failed to navigate a turn from S. Chancery Street onto Rivercliff just past Frank G. Clement Bridge. The SUV slammed into the cliff facing, knocking it onto its side.
When police arrived and started asking questions, the occupants maintained the man who was driving ran from the scene before police arrived. The passengers gave only a nickname for the driver. The prevailing story to lawmen was that the steering column had frozen up and the driver was not able to make the turn.
Meanwhile, the father of the children involved in the wreck, a man police identified as Shane McCoy, was still at the scene when officers arrived. However, while police were busy investigating the crash, the father fled the scene on foot while the children remained with law enforcement.
Police wanted to talk further with McCoy about what he knew about the wreck. Police said there were outstanding warrants on McCoy and he likely fled while they were doing a background check so he would not be arrested.