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Sutton to speak at Lunch and Learn
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Wednesday’s Lunch and Learn session will focus on joint pain, the causes of it, and ways to decrease the discomfort to improve quality of life.
Guest speaker for the session is Zach Sutton of McMinnville Physical Therapy. He treats a variety of general orthopedic issues, specializing in sports, spine, work-related injuries, and ergonomics.  
Sutton has 10 years of clinical experience, and he had the unique opportunity to treat patients in an aquatic therapy facility for three years. Prior to being a physical therapist, Sutton was an athletic trainer with the University of Tennessee and Benedictine High School for six years.
Identifying the cause of joint pain is an important part of finding a suitable treatment. Joint pain can affect just one joint or many, and can be caused by arthritis, injury or overuse, bursitis, and many different illnesses and conditions. It may also be caused by something as simple as running, or overdoing it when gardening.
Once the cause is determined, treatment can begin. Options can include monitoring nutrition and exercise habits, as well as taking medication.
Sutton’s vision is “to treat patients with a variety of life and work demands and help them achieve their goals.”
Lunch and Learn sessions on different topics are held every other month at McMinnville Civic Center. Wednesday’s session begins at noon and lasts one hour.
Sessions are free and sponsored by the city of McMinnville through Parks and Recreation, so bring a lunch and learn. For more information, contact Kristie Sanders at 473-1212.