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Suspects interviewed in murder
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Rumors continue to fly regarding the unsolved murder of a man who was found partially in the river off Red Road nearly two weeks ago.“I feel confident we are working a homicide,” said Sheriff Jackie Matheny who is remaining tightlipped about how murder victim Tracy A. Martin, 38, died.The body of the victim was found by fishermen Nov. 20 lying half in the water on the banks of the Collins River. Martin had family ties to Warren County but had been living out of town until just before the time of his death.“He was found Sunday (Nov. 20) but there’s no doubt he had been there for a few days,” Matheny said, noting officers would like to talk to anyone who may know of his whereabouts from the time when he was last seen, that being sometime around the preceding Thursday.While not confirming or denying rumors there was blunt force trauma apparent on the man’s body, or even that possible gunshot wounds were found on the victim, Matheny said the many rumors swirling around the community concerning the demise of Martin have led to a lot of man hours being spent following all leads and reported information.“We’ve run down a lot of rumors,” Matheny said, noting some tips have led to talking to people of interest in the case. “We have been doing interviews and conducting polygraphs.