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Surfing Internet lands sex offender in prison
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A convicted sex offender who decided to go surfing online was given a two-year sentence.
The suspect, Joseph Moore, was issued the two-year sentence by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley on the charge of perjury. Charges of violating the sex offender registration law were dismissed.
He was charged after his probation officer discovered he had been on the Internet at his home despite his agreement, upon being listed as a convicted sex offender, that he would not be online. Moore was on the sex offender list after pleading guilty to two counts of statutory rape in neighboring Cannon County in 2006.
Upon being confronted about being online, Moore told his probation officer he was not aware he was not supposed to be using the Internet.
While his ban from Internet was part of his sexual offender requirements, it was learned during the Internet incident Moore had been dishonest down to the point he had lied about who his mother was, listing some woman who was not his mother.
“He stated that Sharon Mitchell, who he had listed as being his mother, was not his mother but was a friend he met while working in a restaurant,” says court papers in the Moore case. “He had previously said she was his mother so she could visit him in jail.”
It was his lying on the sworn document which brought about his perjury charges and subsequently the two-year sentence he is serving. His perjury sentence will be served at the same time as time he is serving in Cannon County.
As for his online surfing time, an examination of his Toshiba computer revealed he had surfed to a few adult sites but had done nothing illegal aside from violating the terms which demanded he not be online.