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Students can earn some green from yellow pages
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The Warren County Finance Department is providing a way for local schools and clubs to raise money while recycling used phone books.
The department received a litter grant from the state which will pay for used phone books. The Litter and Recycling Program provides an opportunity for schools to collect old phone books, turn them into the Finance Department and receive money for their effort.
“This is a good incentive for teachers to recycle,” said Mary Lou Ward, litter grant coordinator. “We get funds for education paid for by the state and this grants pays us for recycling. This is a good way for kids to raise money for their school.”
The student council at Irving College Elementary, under the direction of guidance counselor Holly Luna, has been collecting phone books since the beginning of the month.
“We have about 60 phone books right now. We hope to make our goal of at least 100 books,” said Luna.
Ward said all elementary and middle schools in the county should have received a fax with information about the program which lists the amount of money that could be earned by each school or club.
• Every 100-300 books collected will earn $50
• 301-600 phone books will earn $75
• 601-1,000 phone books will earn $100
• Over 1,000 phone books will earn $125
Schools and organizations can collect phone books until Nov. 9 to be eligible to receive grant money.